aLoan : Negociate better !

aLoan allows you to decide between the various offers to choose the best!

– calculation of rent and leasing
aLoan is able to calculate one of four values​​: funded capital, nominal rate, number of periods, amount of rent when the other three are given. Thus it is possible to adjust very rapidly the characteristics of the loan to the given situation.
You can easily customize the characteristics of fixed and proportional costs including fees, legal fees, life insurance, unemployment insurance, etc.

– rates comparison
aLoan can calculate the nominal rate to an equivalent offer in a first whose characteristics are known.

– integrated calculator
for greater efficiency, aLoan includes a calculator for performing intermediate calculations and help you enter different numbers and amounts.

– sharing results
The inApp purchase “print and mail” allows printing by AirPrint and sending by email the results of calculation and amortization tables. The header of reports is customizable.

– without advertising
The inApp purchase “without advertising” disables the presentation of advertising banners.

– yield rate
The inApp purchase “yield rate” allows to calculate the yield rate of a financing flows known by their date and amount.

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